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Stone Workman is a retired Delta Flight Attendant, an urban real estate developer, and an active public servant. Born and raised in South Carolina, Stone has traveled the world, directed the USDA in Georgia for President George W. Bush, and currently serves as Mayor Pro Tem of Monticello. He lives out his faith as an active member and Elder of Monticello Presbyterian Church where he sings in the choir, teaches Sunday School, and leads the children in exuberant celebrations of God’s Word. He enjoys friends and family, Clemson Football, good food, good books, and sharing lively children’s sermons with his church.

Stone is married to Jean Workman, a Delta Flight Attendant and they have a son, Phillips, who is attending Law School.

Stone’s book, The Animals and the Manger (illustrated by Linda Aldridge) is the first in a series of books based on some of the children’s favorites.

The City Council presented a plaque to Mayor Pro Tem Frank “Stone” Workman for his many years of service to the City of Monticello and its citizens.